Futuristic modular gadgets that are already for sale

Even though there are many gadgets and technologies to choose from on modern market of portable electronics, finding a smartphone, tablet or a smartwatch is not always an easy task – we always get to compare the specs and see which features we need and without which we can easily do.

The modular approach helps us built a gadget to our liking and don’t worry about the newer models, as the upgrade may be accomplished easily – by changing the outdated or broken module.

MODULAR technology of 2015: upgradable PC, smart-watch and phone

Right now you can already buy an upgradable PC, a smartwatch or a modular smartphone:

- Acer Revo Build series upgradable PC;

- Blocks smartwatch with dozens of modules;

- Fairphone 2 smartphone, which may be fixed with the help of a screwdriver and a new module.


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