Review: Logic3 iStation Traveller

Twenty notes gets you these handy, 4xAAA battery-powered travel speakers which, while being branded as iPod accessories, are actually way more useful than that.
They come with a 3.5mm connection cable fitted into the speakers, which means they're compatible with every digital player available and not just Apple's players.
It also means they can plug into a laptop – like my Dell sub-notebook - and provide sound when you're watching a DVD.
While there's not much range on the cable, having it attached to the speakers is great as it means you can't lose it.

I took a set of the speakers to Spain with me last week and was blown away by the sound quality.
They're not the loudest speakers in the world but reproduction is crystal clear to within a gnat's whisker of the top-end volume, and there's good reach in both the bass and treble ranges.
The speakers feel nice and sturdy, and have a simple but clever folding design where you rotate the central column, pull apart the two speakers, plug in your music player, then push the speakers back together so it all sits nicely balanced.

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