Innovation areas of the hotel industry

1. The management innovation type refers to the quality of management processes, to the ICT (information and communication technologies) applications for management, and to improvements of the organizational structure.? In the concept of management innovation, the environmental quality play an important role in the hotel's competitiveness .The information  and  communication  technologies  applications  are  also  vital  in  making  management  processes  efficient. Furthermore,  the  changes  in  the  organizational  structure  capture  the  organizational  innovation  that  is  relevant  in services.

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 2. Innovation  in  external  communications  depicts  the  high  information-intangible  content  of  services  products and processes in the hotel industry.? Definitely, the ICT plays an crucial role, both in generating opportunities and new services, and in revolutionizing the ways in which most of the traditional services are provided. The use of ICT is a very relevant  innovation  that  helps  increasing  the  competitiveness  of  firms  because  it  facilitates  the  management  of relationships with customers, through better and easier information exchange. Further, ICT can improve the efficiency of the relationships between the firm and intermediaries, suppliers and public administrations.

3. The service scope innovation is relevant due to the importance of the service delivery for the competitiveness of hotels as in other service sectors?. Service scope innovation advises changes in the service output and the incorporation of technological assets which improve the service output and the tangible aspects of service delivery.

4. The back-office innovation consists of the incorporation of new technological assets for the improvement in productivity and for achieving more efficient service delivery.? The process and system design and testing of a new service encompass the whole delivery process, not just the element experienced by the customer, but also often involves back-office process re-engineering.

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