What is Affiliate Marketing?

More and more people get involved with affiliate marketing every day, yet they do not have the knowledge needed to succeed and end up making expensive mistakes. Affiliate marketing is one of the major pieces involved in making money online. It is a joint effort between a merchant and an affiliate. Following is an explanation of some of the common misconceptions many have.

In affiliate marketing, you make money when you get a visitor to your assigned website and the visitor purchases an item or in some cases provides their information to the merchant thereby becoming a lead for them. The compensation is set by the merchant at the time you sign up with the program. For the merchant, affiliate marketing is attractive because they do not have to pay you until you bring them results minimizing their advertising costs.

Affiliate networks like Clickbank or Linkshare make it easy to setup a system between affiliates and merchants. The network provides a website link for the products you are going to market and usually collects all commission fees which it then pays most of it to you . These networks sometimes provide statistics to inform you how well the product is doing as well as information regarding refunds.

The merchant is typically a web site owner that wants their product marketed by others. They are able to control the affiliate program. The merchant develops the web site with the sales copy as well as the product that is going to be sold. Sometimes they even provide you with marketing material like banners and sample ads to help you increase your sales. The advantage for a merchant is that their product will get free marketing by you, and will only have to pay you when a sale is made or a lead is generated your provided website.

You, the affiliate promotes, one or more merchants web sites. Your main task is to drive qualified traffic to the assigned website. Many in affiliate marketing will promote a product by writing reviews of the product or targeting buyers through pay-per-click marketing. The dangers of being involved with this is that you might spend a lot of time and money marketing the product and not make a sale. Learning internet marketing principles will help the you avoid these costly mistakes. The advantage for you is that you do not have to put together a product to make money online. When you learn effective internet marketing techniques then you can make a full time income marketing other people's products.

Affiliate marketing can be a great avenue to make money. It is easy to get started with and you can have a marketing campaign up in a few days. The key to succeeding is to get qualified traffic to the web site.


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